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Hair Treatment Pack

Indalo All-Natural Hair Treatment Pack - 100g

MRP: Rs.399.00Rs.249.00
Indalo Hair Treatment Pack is a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to provide your hair with the nutrients they need. Hibiscus is a rich source of Vitamin...
Indalo Macadamia Nuts Anti-Frizz Hair Mask

Macadamia Nuts Anti-Frizz Hair Mask for Smooth Hair Experience

MRP: Rs.675.00Rs.409.00
Exhausted with the bad hair days and ends up getting dry hair and scalp after every shampoo routine? We have got you fixed by introducing an exclusively curated hair mask...
Quinoa Hair Mask

Quinoa Hair Mask For No More Hair Damage

MRP: Rs.675.00Rs.405.00
Looking for an all-in-one hair mask to help repair your dry, dull, frizzy, or damaged hair? Indalo's Keratin, Argan Oil and Quinoa Hair Mask is perfect for you! This rich...