About Us

We have always believed in the infinite mystery that nature has. Once attuned to innovations, it never fails to come bearing the most beneficent gifts for us all - the spectrum of our Natural Hair Colour, Herbal Hair Colour, Henna and Indigo Powders reckon. 

Mr. Sunil Walia the Founder and Owner of Indalo and Kirpal export Overseas

Mr. Sunil Walia, the Founder and Owner of Indalo, has been the  driving force behind the  brand's success. With his visionary  leadership  and passion for natural hair & skin care, he has  guided   the company to new heights, expanding  its reach globally and establishing Indalo as a  trusted name in the industry.

Our legacy humbly traces back its origins in   1996  to the foundation of Kirpal Export overseas. We were the first manufacturer to   introduce natural hair colours to diversified Indian markets. Today, as we operate across 70 countries, we are filled with an abundance of gratitude and the determination to continue to deliver qualitative excellence. Quality and consistency have and always will be the soul of our range. That is why we pledged to manufacture our products on our own, holding intact the very essence of quality we started with.

"Think Global, Act Natural!" continues to be our motto. Manufactured under the guidance of Japanese professionals, our spectrum of hair products derive their cherished dependency, love and applause from the natural, premium ingredients they get made from. From Hibiscus powder, Amla powder to Shikakai powder, all the ingredients in our products bask in nature's beloved arms. Therefore, they are well-suited for every hair type.

We are all for colours - colourful smiles, hair and you.