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Arabic Oud Shower Hel for Men and Women

Arabic Oud Shower Gel for Men & Women - 300ml

MRP: Rs.499.00From Rs.449.00
Arabic Oud Shower Gel Our Arabic Oud Shower Gel invites you to immerse in a luxurious bathing experience, where the rich essence of Arabic Oud wood, delicate Rosa Centifolia, and...
Oud and Rose Shower Gel

Oud and Rose Shower Gel - 300ml

MRP: Rs.499.00From Rs.449.00
Indalo Oud & Rose Shower Gel will offer you a sensuous bathing experience. It joins the fragrance of rare Oud wood and gentle Rosa Centifolia to create an aroma that...
Tea Tree Body Wash

Tea Tree and Shea Butter Body Wash For Daily Spa

MRP: Rs.399.00From Rs.319.00
Indulge in the refreshing experience of our Tea Tree Body Wash for dry skin, a natural oasis for your skin. Crafted with care and enriched with a harmonious blend of...
Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash For Your Beautiful Face

Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash For Your Beautiful Face

MRP: Rs.399.00From Rs.339.00
Indalo Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash can take your everyday skincare regimen to the next level. Cleanse away impurities and nourish your skin with a carefully selected ingredient mix to...
Rose Water Spray for face

Pure Rose Water Spray for Something Extra for Your Skin

MRP: Rs.225.00From Rs.179.00
Rose Water which is made from 100% best quality roses. This rose water for face can be used as a toner, face mist, and makeup setting spray. Besides, it helps...
Indalo Rose Petal Powder - 100g

Indalo Rose Petal Powder - 100g

MRP: Rs.349.00Rs.279.00
Indalo Rose Petal Powder Make your skin radiant and hair hydrated by using Indalo Rose Petals Powder which is purely extracted and shade-dried from rose petals. Beneficial for both skin...