Indalo International

Indalo is a domestic brand of Kirpal Export Overseas that believes in the transforming and healing properties of natural ingredients. With over 25 years of experience, KEO is India's leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Henna & Indigo powder, as well as Hair Color products across the globe. Kirpal Export Overseas ensures the highest quality standards for Indalo products. Our hair care and skin care solutions are crafted to be gentle, effective, and devoid of harmful additives, offering a truly natural and wholesome experience for our valued customers. At Indalo, KEO has revolutionized hair care and hair coloring experience.

Mr. Sunil Walia Founder of Indalo (KEO)

"In 2021, when we founded Indalo, our mission was to create a brand that embodies more than just luxury. We aimed to contribute towards creating a world where beauty is inclusive, transparent, and wholesome. This vision drives our commitment to providing products that cater to diverse needs while promoting a sense of transparency and well-being."

KEO has established its monopoly and pioneer success in the global market for its exclusive and best henna & indigo powder, natural mixed herbs-based natural hair dyes and other chemical-free hair care products. Moreover, we have successfully targeted the untapped markets of the USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Mongolia, and Gulf nations.

We, at KEO always try to innovate new and natural hair treatment formulas and potions to cater to the natural and chemical-free hair product needs of the consumers. We aim to create a market for the safest hair colors, best hair products, and top-quality shampoo and conditioner for domestic(Indalo) and international customers. Kirpal Exports Overseas has established an efficient alliance in Japan for manufacturing chemical-free hair colors, as well as premium hair care products. To keep up with the fast-paced international market, we have increased our production capacity by establishing a new manufacturer equipped with advanced technology and modern expertise.

Indalo President in Japanese Cosmetic Factory

Indalo Founder, Mr. Sunil Walia, visited cosmetic factory in Japan to study their manufacturing processes. His visit was focused on understanding the advanced techniques and stringent quality standards that have positioned Japanese cosmetic products at the forefront of the global market. By adopting these high-quality practices, Mr. Walia aims to elevate Indalo's product offerings, ensuring that customers receive only the best. This strategic move underscores Indalo's commitment to excellence and innovation in the cosmetic industry.

Indalo Shower Gel in Japan

Indalo Founder Mr. Sunil Walia with Japanese Buyers

Indalo Hair Care Products in Japan

Indalo Products in Japan's Salons

Indalo Owner Mr. Sunil Walia

Indalo Founder Mr. Sunil Walia at Henna Farm

Indalo Founder Sunil Walia Interview

Interview of KEO(Indalo) Founder in Malaysian Newspaper

Indalo Founder and Owner with Mr Sunil Walia with Japanese beautician

Thai Buyers at KEO Manufacturing Unit

Indalo hair color in International Salons

Hair Color Application Training to Salon Buyers

Indalo Founder and Owner Mr. Sunil Walia

Brazilian Buyers in KEO Factory

Indalo Hair Color in International

KEO(Indalo) Hair Colors in Japan

foreigners beautician at KEO manufacturing unit

Japanese Buyers Visit at KEO Factory

Indalo Founder and Owner Mr. Sunil Walia

South Korean Buyers at KEO Factory

Sunil Walia Founder and Owner of Indalo

KEO Henna Farms

Indalo Hair Care Products in International

Japanese Salons Selling Indalo Products

Sunil Walia Founder and Owner of Indalo

Spanish Buyer Visiting KEO Factory

Indalo Products in International

Hongkong Buyers at KEO

Indalo Hair Color in International

KEO Hair Colors

Sunil Walia Founder and Owner of Indalo with Japanese Byers

KEO Japanese Buyer

Sunil Walia Founder of Indalo in Henna Field

KEO Indigo Farms

Indalo Natural hair Colors in International

Natural Hair Colors in Japan

Indalo Products in Japnese Saloons