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In the root of Indalo’s success story lies the foundation laid by Kirpal Exports Overseas (KEO). From its inception, KEO established an unparalleled reputation, becoming synonymous with high-quality natural hair color products on the global stage. The immense support from our delighted customers let fly us to international acclaim, solidifying our position as the foremost natural hair color manufacturers and suppliers.

Amidst our global triumph, a request emerged from our homeland—the Indian audience desired for natural hair care solutions. Responding to this call, Indalo was born. Tailored to meet the needs of a domestic audience fatigued by chemical-laden hair products, Indalo became synonymous with purity, healthy alternatives, and a commitment to natural beauty.


In the chronicles of KEO’s success story, history unfolds with a revolutionary chapter. In the scenic landscapes of Hokkaido, Japan, our Founder, Mr. Sunil Walia crossed paths with an agricultural scientist of Japan named Mr. Kobayashi. The agriculturist declared that Indigo, a dye known for its presence in clothing dye, had untapped potential beyond the seams of fabric.

These insightful musings found their way to Mr. Sunil Walia, the visionary founder of KEO. Interested by the possibility of Indigo breaking free from the confines of clothing, he pondered, "Why limit this magical hue to mere attire?" Armed with the seed of an idea, Mr. Sunil Walia embarked on a quest to unravel the mysteries of Indigo's origin in India. Little did he know that the journey would be similar to chasing shadows through the diverse landscapes of the country. The question echoed—where does Indigo truly grow in India?

Unstoppable by vague responses, Mr. Sunil Walia explored deep into the heart of the matter. After much toil and determination, he unearthed the hidden secret. A revelation that sparked the birth of a revolution.

Mr. Walia’s mind, now fueled by the essence of Indigo, envisioned a product that would redefine the norms of beauty—a natural, herbal hair dye. That’s how Kirpal Exports Overseas (KEO Henna) was born and has become a reputed natural hair color manufacturer and henna exporter. It deals in pure henna powders, Natural hair colors, and natural Indigo powders.

In a market saturated with conventional hair products, KEO embarked on a groundbreaking venture to introduce Indigo to hair care. In doing so, we became trailblazers, the first to weave the essence of Indigo into our products. As the Indigo-infused hair dye took the market by storm, Keo evolved and the journey, spanning an impressive 27 years, encapsulates the resilience, innovation, and passion.

Now the stage came where we saw that the Indian hair care landscape lacked offerings of chemical free hair colors, there was a void, a space waiting to be filled with the untapped magic of Indigo. This was the time where the founder of KEO saw not just a gap in the Indian market but an opportunity to rewrite the script of hair care for their fellow countrymen. And so, with a twinkle in their eye and determination in their heart, KEO birthed Indalo.

Indalo has become a synonym of purity in a world of chemicals, a promise to Indian audiences that their hair care journey would now be adorned with the goodness of nature. Later,as the market landscape changed and consumer preferences evolved, Indalo responded with innovation. Recognizing the increasing demand for healthier alternatives, the brand took a bold step by introducing ammonia-free hair colors too. And so, the saga of Indalo continues, as evidence to the fact that sometimes, all it takes is a touch of nature and healthy substitutes to transform an industry.

Indalo's journey does not not stop at hair care. Recognizing the holistic aspect of beauty, the company expanded its product line with a variety of body wash, face wash, and skin care items. This growth demonstrated Indalo's dedication to providing a comprehensive beauty solution that meets the wide range of demands of its clientele. Hence, from the whispers of Mr. Kobayashi's wisdom to Mr. Sunil Walia's relentless hard work, the narrative weaves a tale of transformation and triumph of Indalo.

Mission & Values

Our journey rises above conventional beauty standards, guided by a firm mission—to provide chemical-free, cruelty-free hair care solutions. Our unwavering commitment to crafting products free from harmful chemicals and ensuring no cruelty to animals is the cornerstone of our brand ethos. We believe in beauty that doesn't compromise on ethics, making nature's goodness accessible to all.

Certifications and Accolades

As we ascend new heights, Indalo proudly wears the badges of various certifications-ISO certification, and GMP-, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency and authenticity. These certifications, reflective of our adherence to stringent standards, validate Indalo as a brand synonymous with trust and excellence

Overcoming Challenges

Indalo's success story unfolds against the backdrop of challenges conquered. In our initial days, reliant on external manufacturers, product delays were the problems we faced. Determined to control our destiny, we ventured to establish our manufacturing unit, freeing ourselves from dependency and empowering our brand with autonomy.

Data-Driven Growth

What began as an onset into the realm of hair color has evolved into a holistic approach to beauty. Our growth route mirrors a paradigm shift—from a singular focus on hair color to an expansive range encompassing comprehensive hair care range and now skin care. The journey from modest daily sales of 5-6 products to a staggering 1000 products a day is proof of the trust our audience places in us.

Indalo's presence extends far beyond regional borders, captivating the hearts of an All-India audience. The connection build is not merely transactional but an emotional bond, evident in the surge of repeated orders. 

As we continue this transformative journey, Indalo remains dedicated to crafting a legacy of authenticity, compassion, and a timeless commitment to the well-being of both individuals and the planet.