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Beard Growth Oil
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Beard Growth Oil for Toughmen - 30ml

Massive Growth | Non Oily Formula | Soft & Shiny Look

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Beard Oil
Beard Oil and Derma Roller
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Beard Growth Oil

You can treat your beard to our best beard growth oil in India; a high-quality men’s beard oil containing natural ingredients which are mixed together to stimulate the healthiness and shininess of facial hair. Our beard oil is created in a careful manner since it helps in softening rough hair, controlling wild ones and moisturizing the skin underneath thus making it appear neat and polished.

Our Beard growth oil transforms you into a timeless masterpiece, reflecting back your youth and elegance in the mirror. Celebrate who you are by introducing our statement and the best beard growth oil for men into your daily routine and know that two drops speak volumes about yourself. Try our best beard growth oil for patchy beards today.


Benefits of Beard Growth Oil

Promotion of Healthy Growth:

Our beard growth oil is loaded with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. It fortifies he hair roots to encourage healthy growth, filling in patchy spots and resulting in a fuller beard.

Softens and Conditions:

CCTG combined with Aloe Vera Oil makes it possible to have a softer, less seedy beard that won’t scratch your face.

Moisturizes Skin:

IPM as well as Jojoba oil helps hydrate the skin under your beard. Hence avoiding dryness, flakes, irritation and redness.

Alleviates Irritation:

Geranium oil in combination with Aloe Vera oil gives a soothing effect-calm down irritated skin; furthermore, reduces dryness and itching commonly experienced during beard development

Adds Shine and Luster:

Routine application of beard growth oil provides nutrition to facial hair while also making it brilliant looking - well-kept one that stands out from others.  

How to Use

How to use our Beard Growth Oil?

  • Step One: Starting with a face wash, dab
    the beard dry using the towel. It should not be soaking wet, just slightly moistened.
  • Step Two: Afterward, drop a few strains of our facial hair growth oil into the palm and fingers of your hand.
  • Step Three: Then slowly rub the beard oil into
    your beard, especially on the skin beneath it. Ensure you reach all corners from bottom to top for optimum nutrient absorption.
  • Step Four: After that, comb well using your best type of beard brush or beard comb which will help distribute this oil evenly giving one an opportunity to shape the beard as desired.

For best results, use it daily after your bathing routine.

More Info.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • Keep it away from children
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

This product contains natural ingredients and can undergo color and fragrance changes without losing its effectiveness. However, natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions, so patch test a recommended.

Manufacturing Details:

Manufactured by: Arshia Enterprises HSIIDC, Rai Industrial Area, Rai, Distt Sonipat HR - 131029 M.L. NO. 233-COS(H) Country of Origin: India

Marketed By / Customer Care Details: Kirpal Export Overseas BP-130, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi – 110088

Net Vol : 30ml(14.9 per ml)

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Prince bhadauriya

Beard Growth Oil for Toughmen - 30ml

Beard Growth Oil Beard Growth Oil
Beard Growth Oil uses Beard Growth Oil uses
Beard Growth Oil for men Beard Growth Oil for men
Beard Growth Oil Beard Growth Oil