Are Ammonia Free Hair Color Safe? Find Out

are ammonia free hair color safe

The prevalence of ammonia-free hair color products has witnessed a significant surge in popularity in recent years. The rationale behind this surge is straightforward: these products offer the alluring prospect of vibrant, long-lasting colors while mitigating the potential risks associated with ammonia. But the question remains: Are ammonia-free hair colors really safe? In this blog, we'll explore the safety and benefits of ammonia free hair color options. Let us first comprehend the risk of adding Ammonia in Hair color.  

Understanding Ammonia in Hair Color

Conventional hair dyes often incorporate ammonia, a fundamental component crucial to the hair coloring process. Its primary role is to strip away the outer layer of the hair, serving as a protective barrier. This opening allows the color molecules to permeate the hair, resulting in the desired vibrant shades. Ammonia has a well-established history of efficacy within the realm of cosmetics. Nevertheless, certain areas warrant consideration, and here's the rationale behind these concerns:

Scalp Sensitivity

The application of ammonia to the scalp can prove to be notably harsh. Upon contact with the skin, it has the potential to induce painful irritation, a burning sensation, and an overall sense of discomfort.

Unpleasant Aroma

Should you have prior experience with hair dyes containing ammonia, you are likely acquainted with its robust and, candidly, somewhat disagreeable odor. This potent scent tends to linger and adhere to your hair, thereby diminishing the overall enjoyability of the procedure and, in certain instances, rendering it rather unappealing.


But ammonia doesn't stop at just the smell; it also releases fumes while you're coloring your hair. These fumes can be pretty irritating, especially to your eyes and respiratory system.

In light of these issues, it is entirely logical why individuals are actively in search of alternatives. We invite you to accompany us on an exploration of the ammonia free hair color sector, where we will gain insights into their mechanisms and unearth the array of remarkable advantages they offer.

Ammonia-Free Hair Colors: A Safer Option?

Ammonia-free hair colors have gained popularity as a milder and safer alternative to traditional hair dyes. They use alternative ingredients like ethanolamine or MEA (monoethanolamine) to perform the same function as ammonia but safely. Here are some benefits of ammonia free hair color and why they’re considered a safer option:

Gentle on the Scalp

Ammonia is widely recognized for irritating the scalp, which frequently causes that unpleasant stinging or burning sensation. Ammonia-free hair color offers a more calming option if you have a sensitive scalp or have previously had negative responses to hair treatments containing ammonia.

Promotes Hair Health

Ammonia-based hair color can disrupt the hair's pH balance and lead to moisture and protein loss. Over time, this can make your hair delicate and more vulnerable to breakage, ultimately causing thinning. In contrast, ammonia-free hair color is gentle enough for long-term use, contributing to the maintenance of healthy and resilient hair. Also, ammonia free hair color for grey hair is a fantastic choice for those looking to blend or cover grey hair without any damage.

Odor-Free Experience

Ammonia boasts tiny molecules that evaporate as soon as you apply hair color. These fumes can be quite annoying and may make it challenging to breathe comfortably. With ammonia-free hair color, you can enjoy a more pleasant and odor-free coloring experience.

Balanced pH

Ammonia-free hair dye also adjusts the pH level of hair to create an alkaline environment, but it does so with a significantly lower pH value compared to ammonia-based dyes. Moreover, its unique procedure gently softens the cuticle, allowing the color pigment to penetrate the hair shaft without fully opening it. This ensures that your hair retains its essential proteins and nutrients during the process of coloring.


Exploring the benefits of ammonia free hair color reveals a safer and more enjoyable path to achieving your desired hair shades. It offers vibrant hues and a gentle odor-free experience while avoiding the potential downsides linked to ammonia. The rise of these alternatives provides individuals with a more enjoyable and hair-healthy coloring journey, making them a compelling option for those seeking both style and safety.

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