Decoding Celebrities Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Hair

Decoding Celebrities Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Hair

Celebrities are the trendsetter and the biggest inspiration for today’s youth. These days, we common people look up to our favorite celebrities for almost everything be it trending fashion, skincare tips, makeup hacks, the latest hairstyles, or hair care routine. Seeing celebrity's healthy and luscious hair makes us swear by only one-word #hairgoals and how to achieve them.

Celebrities are always flaunting prim & proper hair that is manageable, frizz-free, and beautiful. But have you wondered how? Well, you only reap good when you harvest good which means following the correct hair care regime according to your hair routine will surely give you wonderful results. Another important thing that you must keep in mind is “Choosing the correct products according to your hair type.” So, here we are going to decode the hair care tips that celebrities follow religiously. 

  1. Oil Your Hair Regularly

Nourishment is the key! By applying oil to the hair, your dry and brittle hair becomes soft and healthy. With regular use of heat styling products, your hair tends to get damaged. To avoid such damage, you can start using Indalo Argan & Apricot Hair Oil which provides great nourishment to your hair, making them shiny, healthy, and smooth. 

  1. Avoid Washing Hair with Hot Water

Excessive heat directly damages your hair strand, so many hair care experts recommend washing hair with cold water. Use of hot water for hair wash results in losing the elasticity of the hair which causes breakage, dryness, and damage.  

  1. Make Paraben & Silicone-Free Shampoo & Conditioner Your BFF 

When choosing the shampoo and conditioner for your hair according to your hair type, you must always pick paraben and silicone-free shampoo and conditioners. The presence of harsh chemicals like paraben, sulphate, and silicone manifolds the damage to the hair, making them dull and dry. We recommend you use Indalo hair repair kit and damage repair kits as they are free from harsh chemicals.

  1. Do Not Skip Conditioner 

Skipping the conditioner after the head wash is no choice! Be it any circumstance or situation, you should swear by conditioner application to your hair. Conditioners are made using nourishing ingredients that provide great moisturization to your hair, making them soft, bouncy, shiny, and smooth.  

  1. Include Superfood in Your Diet

 Besides indulging in a proper hair care routine and using good hair care products, eating a balanced diet is important. Hair care experts recommend you include nourishing nuts and superfoods like kale, amla, spinach, avocado, and more in your diet to get healthy, voluminous, and strong hair.  


Hope these hair care tips are helpful for you. Just follow them religiously, trust the process, and see the magic happening. You can visit Indalo website to shop for your natural and chemical-free hair care products. You may also enjoy the extra discounts with promo codes mentioned on coupon partners like Coupon Seekers, Deal Drop, We Thrift, etc.


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