Natural Hair Colours - Expectations VS Reality

Natural Hair Colours - Expectations VS Reality


Hair is everything and yes it truly is! So having a bad hair day is not at all a good experience. Especially during main functions and outings, the hair may behave sort of a spoilt brat, the hair throws a tantrum and becomes adamant about misbehaving. More often than not, we don’t get what we expect from the hair. This is often exactly what we all undergo while handling our hair.

Then the story revolves around colour work and inspiration photos that customers will dig from Pinterest, but what you want from the inspiration isn’t always what you'll actually get in reality. Hair dye professionals aren’t magicians, thus the topic for today is Natural Hair Colours - Expectations VS Reality.

Though everyone has a folder for their inspiration posts, don't we? In this internet era, google is a click away and people genuinely want the same colour from their inspirations on every hair tone. An inspiration remains an inspiration because reality cannot be copy-pasted. On top of that, people blindly expect it to be a permanent dye because all the other chemical dyes are.

While, is it common sense that natural dyes are semi-permanent and have to do touch-ups regularly. Natural Hair Colours are far better option for hair-dying fanatics. Even if you are intrigued by the fashion dyes or like to go down the pathway of simple hair dyes then also it is highly suggested to stick to natural hair dyes for the health of your strands.

Think practically, if you have virgin black hair and the picture inspiration is the extreme of fashion colour like pastel lilac, then sorry to burst your bubble that no product within the world may construct that in a single appointment. Unless it is urgent then get a wig or something like that.

The inspiration of your favorite celebrities heightens the expectation of the current fashion and stylists are expected to give life to unrealistic expectations. There are chemical processes and scientific principles behind their doing to achieve your expectations to reality.

The faster you go blonde, the more damaged your hair goes to be. The way how briskly your hair lightens depends on some factors. The colour of your hair at the instant, the strength and condition of your hair, and, if stylists are bleaching the whole head, what quantity of bleach is suitable for your skin and hair type or if the scalp starts to burn if anything goes wrong.

Honestly, remember there is only a particular amount that your hair will lighten in once bleaching.

Natural henna powder:

Henna has the scientific name Lawsonia inermis, it is one of the oldest organic dyes. The leaves of this plant are cleaned from all the dirt, then dried, and made into a powder-like format for beneficial things in medicinal and cosmetic benefits, excluding the attribute of its natural henna colour. Henna is popularly known for its various benefits, and currently, we are using it as a natural henna powder. 

Natural rose brown powder:

Indalo's Natural Rose Brown Hair Colour is a 100% natural nourishing dye that provides a realistic rose brown dye to grey hair. Further, it also gives hair and scalp an overall improvement. It is a herbal mixture of the best natural ingredients like Henna, Manjistha, Amla, Shikakai powder, Bhringraj powder, Brahmi, Hibiscus, Rose, Indigo, Baheda, and many more. Thus Indalo has formulated a 100% natural brown hair colour for grey hair with zero chemicals in them. 

People who don't have greys but want to boost their hair health may also use this natural hair colour for reinforcing hair growth, eliminating frizzes, minimizing split ends, slowing down premature greying, reducing hair fall, and reducing dandruff. Its ultra-nourishing ingredients make this natural hair colour a wholesome hair treatment that helps to take care of healthier, stronger, shinier, and softer hair. 

Black natural hair colour

Indalo's black natural hair colour delivers a natural soft black hue to the grey hair without any mention of chemical and harmful substances. This natural hair colour is a boon for those exploring a natural alternative to colour hair without the involvement of chemicals.

It is a herbal mixture of the best-known pigmentating ingredients that nature does offer. The dye colours the grey hair over time with regular use with the employment of absolutely pure powder of natural herbs, plants, flowers, etc. people who don't have greys but want to enhance their hair healthiness should also use this natural hair colour.

Indalo Black natural hair colour is additionally great for reinforcing hair growth, eliminating frizzes, minimizing split ends, slowing down premature greying, and reducing hair fall along with reducing dandruff to give you healthier, stronger, shinier, and softer hair because here, your hair health and well-being is our top-most priority.

It is high time you make the switch from chemical dyes to Natural Hair Colours.


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