Things You Should Know Before Applying Natural Hair Color

Things to Know Before Applying Natural Hair Color


An exciting, life-transforming experience may be achieved through colorings your hair, which allows you to flaunt your personal style and modernize your looks. Hair color is not a big deal if you want to cover up greying hair, or want to go with the latest trend or just change how you look. However, there are a few crucial things that you need to know on how to apply natural hair color so as to get the best outcome while keeping your hair healthy.

We will go over the key guidelines and procedures to remember both before and after using natural hair color.

  1. Self-examine your hair

It is always recommended to self-check your hair before deciding to switch to natural hair color. If your hair has been chemically treated and damaged from previous sessions, switching to natural hair color is essential for maintaining its longevity. It's important to note that chemical colors can damage the hair shaft. In contrast, natural colors penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, providing strength and overall reducing breakage while promoting stronger hair.

  1. Prepare your Hair

It is recommended to wash your hair with a no conditioner shampoo at least six hours before coloring. This helps remove all the oils and dead cells from the scalp. After washing, apply a kaolin clay mask to open the pores and extract oils from within the pores. This preparation ensures that newly grown greys are properly covered and helps nourish the scalp. Be mindful of the application time as well for the best results.

  1. Always give preference to Natural Hair color

Choose natural hair colors with gentle and non-toxic ingredients. These products do not damage your hair compared to traditional colors that contain harsh chemicals like ammonia and parabens. Try Indalo’s Natural hair colors or Ammonia free hair colors. Natural hair color application is not only safe but kind to your hair and scalp.

  1. Keep in mind the the subtle effects of Natural Hair Colors 

Since natural colours are ammonia-free, do not expect a completely transformed look after the first application. Natural colours will blend your greys to match your natural black hair, if any.

For those with 100% grey hair, a more noticeable change can be expected. However, the changes from natural colours are generally very subtle and gradual.

  1. Do the Patch Test

Always do a strip test before applying new hair colour all over your head. Try a tiny bit of the product on a sensitive part of the scalp to check for adverse effects or allergic reactions. This is a crucial step to make sure that the color is appropriate for you and to stay clear of any possible allergens.

  1. Post-care 

It takes after- color care to keep your color-treated hair vibrant and healthy. Use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for colored hair to help preserve the color and keep your hair looking healthy.

Other Tips and Expert Advice

Hydration is the Key

After you have colored your hair, it’s important to hydrate it. Use leave-in conditioners and hair masks for additional moisture and nourishment.

Refrain from Using Heat Styling

Avoid too much use of heat styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons because excessive hotness can strip out the color and harm your hair in the process.

Protect Your Hair against Sun Damage

Hair color may quickly fade due to UV rays. Use hats or apply hair products with UV protection when spending time outdoors.

Consistent Color Touch-Ups

Regular appointments for touch-ups will keep your color fresh and bright, preventing unevenness in the shades which can reveal roots easily.


It can be a pleasing and fun procedure to color your hair, nevertheless for you to get the best results and keep your hair in good health, it is important that you prepare your hair well and think about what aftercare you will require. By evaluating the hair condition, prepping correctly, choosing natural colors, patch testing and adhering to post care advice will grant you excellent and vibrant colored hair without compromising their integrity.

If the above tips are considered while thinking about coloring ones’ hair, one would be ready for beginning this journey with confidence and care. Enjoy coloring!


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