Trending Global Hair Color Shades: What Works for Your Skin Tone?

Trending Global Hair Color Shades

It is very difficult to stay up-to-date with hair color trends in the ever changing world of beauty and fashion. It’s like shooting a running target. With numerous colors available, choosing the right one that matches your skin may seem like a riddle. However, here is the secret: once you have found the perfect match, it will totally transform your appearance. Therefore, in this blog post we will examine some of the hottest global hair color shades and tell you which ones will make you stand out.

Recognizing Skin Color:

However, before we look at the various global hair color shades, let’s take a moment to understand your complexion. Think of it as finding your perfect foundation shade but for your hair. Skin tones are generally of three types: warm, cool and neutral. Warm undertones include yellowish or sun-kissed peach or gold looks, while cool undertones imply hints of blue, pink or red coloration. Neutral skin tones have a combination of both cool and warm undertones.

Trending Global Hair Color Shades:

  1. Chestnut Brown:

Chestnut brown is a luxurious and classy hair color that suits a wide variety of skin shades. With its warm and cool tones mixed together, this color gives hair some depth. People whose hair has yellow undertones can go in for chestnut brown hair color with caramel highlights so as to bring out the warmth more or pick a cooler, ashier version of it if one’s under skin tone is blue. This chestnut brown shade complements all Indian skin tones effortlessly, making it a perfect choice without any hesitation.

  1. Honey Blonde:

Honey blonde can work well on different skin types. It adds life and fullness to the hair making it suitable for those with warm undertones especially. Choosing honey blonde with ashy tones would be ideal for people with cool undertones.

  1. Caramel Brown:

To gain an extra touch of warmth and dimension in your hair, you might consider a hint of caramel Brown color on your strands. This shade looks great on individuals who have warm or neutral undertones since the caramel hues are complementary to their skins’ natural heat. Additionally, one with cool undertones can get such balances by introducing caramel highlights into the mix near ashy cooler parts.

  1. Burgundy Red

If you have been considering the red lady but are afraid of going for it at once or not, start off by having wine. Of course, wine itself is not what we mean! Instead, we talk about the rich burgundy hair color. This is like just holding a toe into the red heads world and without plunging in so deep. What makes the shade ideal is that it has some brown, reddish and purple hues, which give a sophisticated appearance without being too bold. Therefore, this is a safe and stylish choice for anyone who desires to have an oomph with their hair color . Also, it makes one of the best choices of global hair color for Indian skin.

  1. Golden Copper:

Inject your strands with radiant gold copper glow; a captivating color that represents vibrancy. A trending shade characterized by mixing golden and copper tones which enhance warm undertones’ natural attractiveness. And, particularly for people with cooler undertones, rose gold or strawberry blonde can be incorporated subtly resulting in an overall look that is harmonious.


When you're picking out a hair color, it's not just about matching your skin tone. It's also about what fits your personal style and everyday life. Consulting a hairstylist can be super helpful and you can have the idea of global hair color prices as per your hair length. 

Moreover, they can give you expert advice on finding a color that brings out your natural beauty and matches your vibe. With all the trendy hair colors out there, you've got plenty of options to express yourself. Hence, knowing your skin tone and choosing a hair color that works with it will give you a look that's totally you – confident and captivating. 

Note: We strongly encourage using natural, ammonia-free hair color to boost hair health and avoid chemicals entirely. For a healthier alternative, try Indalo's Ammonia Free Hair Colors.


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