What are some of the best food for healthy hair?

best food for healthy hair

When you are suggested to eat a balanced diet for your body to function properly, a healthy diet plan is also important for healthy and strong hair. The supply of nutrients to the hair follicles is crucial. A diet rich in iron, protein, vitamins, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc helps in healthy hair growth along with intake of the proper amount of water, it keeps the body hydrated and the hair healthy. Similarly, an unhealthy diet leads to damaged and dry hair. Nutritional deficiency becomes the main reason behind slow hair growth. Today, we will be talking about the best food for healthy hair.


Disproportionate intake of caffeine & alcohol, and an excessive amount of smoking affect the general health of the body including the health of the hair. Any form of nutritional deficiency undernourished the body cells, thus avoid these at all costs. Look for a highly nutritional and organic food supply because consuming adulterated food does not help you scientifically and logically.

Best food for healthy hair

Here is some of the best food for healthy hair which you should definitely interweave into your diet. The diet along with natural hair care products is accountable for thick, long, and shiny hair.

Go nuts!:

Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts are full of proteins and omega fats. They allow to strengthen the hair follicles and provide nutrition to the dry scalp. There are many cold-pressed nut oils available for hair oiling purposes. Massages from almond or walnut oil are very calming and they are in the cold-pressed form which is the absolute best for hair oils. 


Avocados should be in your diet:

Avocado is known as a beneficial fruit from every point of view and for hair, it is a rescuer. It is packed with vitamins, iron, and b-vitamin, which help to possess the natural moisture and safeguard your tresses from dandruff. This antioxidant-rich fruit opens blocked hair follicles and supports them for dense growth. The fruit vigorously works from within to seal cuticle cells and stop hair from uncontrolled breakage. 


The egg came first or the chicken?

Everyone loves eggs right? An egg is a powerhouse of proteins packed with Biotin, which is a hair growth vitamin. It essentially will help to keep the hair healthy and whether you incorporate this into your diet or as a hair pack or mask, you will be surprised to see how well they are for your hair. They will leave the strands lustrous, damage-free, and silky.


Yogurt-ing :

Yogurt is a milk product that will aid to manage all the frizz and dry scalp issues. The carboxylic acid present will help to reduce away dead skin cells and cleanses the scalp, making way for healthier hair by controlling sebum production and balancing the pH levels of your scalp. 


Natural ways of the Best food for healthy hair 

Indalo has the best food for healthy hair in the form of shampoos and conditioners. Let's look at them.


Banana Hibiscus Shampoo 

Indalo has the proper natural Banana Hibiscus Shampoo appropriate for nourishing your dry hair. It has the divine blend of banana which is another good food, hibiscus, vitamin E, and shea butter helps to provide moisture to the dull strands and make them thick. It works like magic by not stripping away the scalp's natural oils. It also controls hair fall and dandruff. 


Banana Hibiscus Conditioner 

Banana Hibiscus Conditioner is a deep moisturizing and conditioning conditioner for dry and frizzy hair with the equivalent goodness as shampoo, banana, hibiscus, vitamin E, and shea butter. Conditioning the hair stops hair from drying and getting brittle because it gives an additional layer of moisture. It nourishes the strands from within and thus gives the frizzy hair texture a makeover. It brings out the shine in your hair.


White tea shampoo

Indalo’s White tea shampoo is the first White tea shampoo in India practically for greasy hair. It is an honest hair care shampoo rooted in the principle of Aloe vera, White Tea, Licorice, and Blue Berries. It's a real sulphate-free, and Paraben-free shampoo which aids in retaining volume, strength, and wholesome hair. 


White tea conditioner 

White tea conditioner is a naturally healthy conditioner specially fabricated for oily hair types. It is a great anti-hair fall conditioner for fragile and damaged hair. This natural conditioner helps to make the hair soft, shiny, and bouncy by preserving satisfactory moisture in the hair, despite it being for oily hair. This is also India’s first chemical-free White Tea and Aloe Vera hair conditioner.

Head over to Indalo and purchase suitable foods for hair care.




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