Why People are Choosing Organic Hair Care Range Over Chemicals?

Why People are Choosing Organic Hair Care Range Over Chemicals?

Earlier the secret of our grandma’s healthy and luscious hair lay in the goodness of Ayurveda and natural ingredients that gave endless nourishment and nutrition to the hair. Over time, people started to follow the trend and switched to chemical-based products.

The inclination towards chemical-based products was due to the heavy marketing techniques that promised to offer the desired result. But again, with time, people recognized the damage which was caused by the chemical-based products and got attracted to the organic hair care range. The organic hair care range has lots of benefits.

Read along to know the difference between organic & chemical-based hair care range and which organic hair care range you must choose. 

Organic Hair Care Range v/s Chemical Hair Care Range

These days, the talk of the town is whether to use organically formulated products or chemically formulated products. But do you know how to differentiate between the two before picking one amongst them? 

Organic hair care products are free from harsh chemicals therefore they take time to show effective results while chemical hair care products give instant results to your hair.

Organic hair care products are safe to use for hair because they are free from bleach and other chemicals that do not deteriorate hair health while chemical hair care products aggressively damage the quality of hair due to the presence of bleach, paraben, silicone, and more. Organic Hair care products create mild lather because they are free from sulphate but chemical hair care products create rich lather because they contain lather. 

Which Organic Hair Care Products to Choose?

As you all know people are preferring organic hair care products over chemicals. But do you know why? Organic hair care range is free from harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphate, silicone, and mineral oils. Also, the organic-based hair care range doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, colour, and preservatives. 

We recommend you use Indalo hair care range which includes an array of herbal hair oilssilicone free shampoo, conditioners, and hair masks that are free from harsh chemicals. All hair care products have natural goodness that is derived from ayurvedic ingredients, plant extracts, and herbs.

For dry and frizzy hair, you can pick Indalo Banana & Hibiscus Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. For oily scalp, we recommend Indalo White Tea and Aloe Vera Shampoo and conditioner. Also, for making your hair color long-lasting and repairing damage, you can opt Quinoa Shampoo and conditioner along with mask and serum. 


Whether you choose an organic hair care range or chemical-based hair care products, just keep one thing in mind your hair needs proper care and attention. Stay consistent in your hair care regime to yield the best results.


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