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Indalo Rose Petal Powder for Even Skin Tone & Dandruff Control | Antioxidant for Hair & Antioxidant for Skin | Suitable for All Skin & Hair Types

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Rose Flower: Indalo Rose Petal Powder benefits both your skin and hair. It is made purely from the rose flower that is dun-dried to create the powder.

How to use

You can create a thick paste by adding water for topical application or DIY mask by adding various ingredients that suits you the best. For skin apply for 15 minutes and for hair apply for 30 minutes.


Rich in antioxidant properties: This rose petals powder is made from 100% rose petals which makes it rich in antioxidants that provide endless benefits to your skin and hair by providing adequate nourishment.

Hydrates the skin & hair: Rose petals powder has amazing hydrating properties that provide adequate hydration to your skin and hair.

Helps to make skin tone even: Rich in antioxidants for skin, Indalo rose petals powder not only hydrates your skin but helps to reduce tanning and pigmentation while making skin tone even.

Controls dandruff: Being rich in antioxidants, Indalo rose petals powder helps to clean the scalp by removing dandruff. Also, it helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin.

Indalo Rose Petal Powder

Make your skin radiant and hair hydrated by using Indalo Rose Petals Powder which is purely extracted and shade-dried from rose petals. Beneficial for both skin and hair, rose petals powder has excellent nourishing and hydrating properties that help to make skin glowing, radiant, and soft while hair healthy and shiny.

You can use rose petals powder for skin whitening, skin hydration, severe dandruff control, and hair nourishment. Also, rose petals powder is used in hydrating hair products or even skin tone treatments. Since rose petals powder is made from natural ingredients and is free from preservatives and chemicals, it is suitable for all skin and hair types.

Rose Petal Powder
Rose Petal Powder
Rose Petal Powder
Rose Petal Powder
Manufactured by Arshia Enterprises
HSIIDC, Rai Industrial Area, Rai, Distt Sonipat
HR - 131029
M.L. NO. 233-COS(H)
Country of Origin: India

Marketed By / Customer Care Details:
Kirpal Export Overseas
BP-130, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi - 110088

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