Derma Roller 0.5mm | 540 Titanium Alloy Needles | Indalo

Boosts hair Stimulation | Repairs Damaged Hair | Easy & Safe to Use | Best Derma Roller for beard & Hair | For both Men & Women

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Pack: Derma Roller

Derma Roller
Derma Roller & Beard Oil
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Derma Roller

Indalo’s Derma roller 0.5 mm is what gives you luscious hair and a fully defined beard. It is made with precision, accuracy and efficiency in mind; it employs the principle of micro-needling that stimulates hair follicles, improves blood flow around them and increases the absorption of hair growth serums, oils or other treatments.

You can now smile to your friends; no more thinning hair and bald patches but new hope and life in you. Experience the change brought about by micro-needling as you set your natural hair growth at liberty by using our derma roller for beard and hair.


Benefits of Derma Roller

Increase in thickness of hair:

By activating the hair follicles this Derma Roller prompts hair to grow. Hence, increasing its density and volume.

Facial Hair Growth:

Our derma roller can assist those who want thicker beards by increasing the number and size of hair on their faces, making them more distinct.

Scalp health improvement:

When circulation improves, there is better nourishment of the scalp, thus improving its elasticity as well as reducing hair loss.

Increased self-esteem:

As your hair grows, your confidence boosts. It makes you feel attractive and powerful.

How to Use

How to use Derma Roller

  1. Cleaning: Start with a clean and dry hair or beard area.
  2. Preparation: Apply your favourite hair growth serum or a thin layer of oil to the treatment area.
  3. Roll: Gently roll the skin roller back and forth in the desired area of your hair or beard, applying light pressure. Roll horizontally, vertically and diagonally for even coverage.
  4. Repeat: Roll in different directions for 2-3 minutes, making sure the stimulation of hair follicles.
  5. After precautions: After use, clean the derma roller with cotton and store in a clean and dry place.

For the best results, follow a regular hair care routine.

More Info.

Before Use:

  • Sanitize after each use with 70% or more alcohol.
  • Do not apply the oils directly to the roller. Ensure that it is dry at the time of usage.
  • If you drop the roller or it gets crushed or damaged, discard it. Bent needles can cause injuries.
  • Replace every two months.
    Only for personal use, do not share with others.

After Use:

  • Rinse with warm soapy water or dip in any disinfecting alcohol solution and allow the tool to dry.
  • If using oil to aid hair growth, leave it on until next wash or overnight for better absorption.
Manufacturing Details: Flower Impex, Sangam Vihar, Gali No-15, New Delhi-110088

Marketed By/ Customer Care Details: Kirpal Export Overseas BP-130, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi – 110088

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