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Indalo Detangling Neem Comb for Reducing Hair Fall, Breakage & Dandruff | Non-Toxic, No Plastic & Eco-Friendly

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100% Neem Wood:
Best known for its medicinal and healing properties, neem wood has numerous benefits for hair. Indalo Detangle Neem Wood is crafted using 100% natural neem wood. Finished with clean and soft edges, this pure neem wood comb smoothly glides through your hair and helps to detangle them with ease. Detangling Neem Wood Comb not only detangles the hair but controls hair fall, breakage and dandruff. It also promotes blood circulation and provides nutrition to hair cells.

How to use

Comb gently through your hair to detangle.
Move the comb across the scalp to promote circulation and growth.


Detangles the Hair: This original neem wood comb helps to detangle your hair easily without causing any damage. Suitable for all hair types, this neem wood comb has excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Promotes Blood Circulation: Regular use of a neem hair comb helps to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. Also, it helps to control hair fall and enhance hair growth.
Reduces Hair Fall & Breakage: It helps to improve the overall health of your scalp which results in controlling hair fall, breakage, and thinning. Also, it reduces the friction in the hair which controls hair fall.
Controls Dandruff & Itchiness: Rich in antibacterial properties, it helps to fight scalp infection and calms irritation by reducing dandruff and white flakes.
Non-Static Properties & Ergonomic Design: This best neem wood comb is easy to hold and use. It has a wide tooth design that easily detangles your hair. This oil-treated neem wood comb has non-static properties.

Indalo Wide Tooth Wooden comb - Eco-Friendly Detangling Neem Comb for Reducing Hair Fall

Now, detangle your hair with ease and avoid any friction by using this Indalo Detangling Neem Wood Comb. Suitable for all hair types, this kacchi neem comb has excellent non-static properties which do not cause any harm to your hair and scalp. This original neem wood comb provides your hair follicles an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrition that results in promoting blood circulation. 

By using this detangling neem wood comb regularly, you can witness control in hair fall, breakage, and dandruff. This neem wood comb helps to control hair fall while making them healthy, bouncy, and shiny. With excellent antibacterial properties, this detangling neem wood comb helps to reduce dandruff and white flakes. Also, it calms scalp irritation and itching. 

Featuring an ergonomic design, Indalo wide-tooth wooden comb is easy to hold and use. Crafted with 100% neem wood, it provides endless benefits to your hair and scalp. It has a sturdy design and eco-friendly properties. It has slightly pointed ends that promote the best follicular activation. After 5 to 7 uses, your scalp and hair get accustomed to a new comb.

Regular use of this neem wood comb will surely give you excellent results. Shop neem wood combs online at Indalo.

Maintenance Tips for Detangling Neem Wood Comb

  • For best results, soak your neem comb in any pure herbal oil once a month.
  • Do not expose the comb to water. Just clean it with a cloth or tissue.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight. 
  • With time, the neem comb tends to change its shape.

Manufactured by Zace Enterprises
A-255 Govidpuram Ghaziabad - 201013

Marketed By / Customer Care Details:
Kirpal Export Overseas
BP-130, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi - 110088

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