Top 10 Best Hair Colours Brands in India for 2023

Best Hair Colours Brands in India
Isn't the perfect hair with flawless hair color that can immediately transform the way you look and feel. Many popular hair labels have over the years transformed the hair coloring market with their outstanding and enchanting hair colors with amazing formulae. Plus, these labels are utilized by both women and men. Here are some of the best hair color brands in India that are readily available and would take excellent care of your hair.

The Indian subcontinent hair leans towards the black and brunette shade cards which is the reason they are renowned for their beauty, darkness, and rich color. However, the materialistic and fashion-forward globe of influences and trends regarding hair color has seen an enormous jump in sales within the past few years; the Indian market is following in these footsteps because there is a rise in demand.

The best hair color brand in India in 2023

With the plethora of hair color brands in India, here are the top 10 of the best hair color brand in India and everything you should know about them.

1. L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris is one of the best hair color brands throughout the country. This brand is coming from one of the simplest hair color brands in India. Their product- Excellence Creme speaks about its triple care formula and color which has an ammonia-free formula, that maintains the moisture to safeguard hair from any frizziness, dryness, and brittle strands. its cream-based formula makes it comfortable to use and lasts up to twenty-eight shampoo cycles. It also contains ceramide, pro-keratin, and collagen, which help to shield, strengthen, and replenish the strands. 

-May buy from  or Amazon or Nykaa

-Gives a rich ultra glossy color

-They cost around the range from ₹500–700

-Multiple colors are available like 6.13 Golden Brown, 1 Black, 5.32 Caramel Brown

2. Revlon

Revlon becomes one of the leading hair brands which delivers 41 shade card options for permanent hair color. A lot of people are gravitating toward blonde hair color and it has to be permanent to be able to stay for longer on dark hair types, so Revlon comes to the rescue for those trying to find another premium hair color brand in India. Their new 3D gel technology gives a clean, drip-free, and no-mess coloring experience by guaranteeing ravishing and healthy hair. The gel formula makes it easy to induce the simple highlights unit faster and more smoothly.

-May buy from oe any eCommerce website with prices starting from ₹150–400

-Colors are available as black, blonde, red, burgundy

3. Indalo

Indalo is a brand that is purely natural hair color brand that publicizes its products and the ingredients brought directly from nature's bountiful basket. This brand is deeply rooted in the heart and spirit of nature. For a healthy coloring of any hair type, it is recommended to head over to Indalo’s website to encounter the goodness of natural hair colors along with natural hair care. Indalo is the best hair color brand in India; also a domestic label under KEO with flourishing herbal and natural hair colors and hair care products. They mainly assist to cover up the greys 100% and add strength to the hair with their anti-inflammatory properties. Their hair color and natural hair care products are eco-friendly in all ways.

-May buy from

-Available in many colors like- chestnut, natural indigo powder for hair, natural henna powder, natural rose brown

4. Crazy Colour

Crazy Colour’s extremely pigmented semi-permanent hair dyes provide a vibrant finish to your hair. The easy-to-apply formula can color your hair in precisely under half an hour. It stays up to six to eight intense cleansing hair washes and even looks good on the hair while fading away slowly. It also works on hair without bleaching.

-Buy from or any eCommerce website at ₹500–800.

-Multiple colors are available like Platinum, Ruby Rouge Graphite, Capri Blue, Ice Mauve, Vermillion Red, Sky Blue

5. Color Mate

If you're trying to find henna-based herbal hair color, Colour Mate can be a key to your organic hair. It ensures 100% grey coverage and is ammonia-free to nourish the hair and leave it smooth, soft, and glossy. 

-Available on , Amazon, and Flipkart at the price of ₹150–200

-Colors available are Black, Burgundy, Copper Red

6. Garnier Colour Naturals

The no-ammonia color formula supplemented with essential oils of olive, avocado, and almond – nurtures hair and lasts up to many weeks. It reduces the dryness that usually comes from coloring. It has sachets and bottles, making it more manageable for first-timers at a very minimal cost.

-Go to for a range of ₹49–300.

-The colors available are brown, black, and red 

7. Streax

Streax product comprises walnut and almond oils to nurture and boost hair. The ammonia-free hair color provides full-grey coverage and delivers long-lasting results. Their dyes range from natural to funky colors for those with more vibrant and bolder tastes.

-It costs from ₹130–400 on websites like , Amazon, Nykaa

8. Herbatint

Herbatint’s permanent hair color is one of the most adequate herbal hair colour options you'll come across after Indalo. The permanent ammonia-free color contains 8 organic herbal extracts protecting the hair from the roots to the tips. The gel procedure drives it effortless to use and even construct custom-made highlight tones.

-Purchase from or Amazon or Nykaa at ₹1500–3000.

-Colors available are Chestnut, Blonde, Mahogany, Crimson

Kama Ayurveda

9. Kama Ayurveda

If you're exploring hair color brands in India with herbal and healthy ingredients, Kama Ayurveda is another option in India. The natural hair colour and herbal hair color formula will be fostering for your hair, ruling out the dryness and brittle feeling that happens with chemical-based products. 

- has all the products in a range of ₹775–1500.

10. BBlunt

BBlunt’s permanent, no-ammonia silk protein formula stays up to eight weeks. The color’s enriched three-system formula with Shine Tonic safeguards the hair and locks in moisture, securing soft locks with lovely hair color.

-Buy from  for ₹170–200.

-Colors available are red, Chocolate, Mahogany Red, Wine, Deep Burgundy, Dark Brown, Coffee Natural Brown

Always look for a hair color that flatters your skin tone and choose the best hair color for women and men because now you know the best hair colour brand in India.


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