Seed a Bond with Every Order at Indalo with the Best Rakhi Offer

Best Rakhi Offer


Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and every sister and brother must be having the zeal of celebrating the bond of love and excitement of receiving gifts from their loved ones. This time does something exciting and make a pledge of love with mother nature and go green and organic. Ongoing with the concept of herbal and natural hair products, we, at Indalo, are running the best rakhi offer for you.

Now, with every order placed by you on Indalo, you will get an organic rakhi of premium quality. This offer is exclusively live for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, so why wait? Curate an exclusive hamper of natural hair care products for your siblings. You can opt for natural hair care kits available on our website as they make the best rakhi gift ideas for sisters.

You name it, we have it. At Indalo, we have a range of herbal hair colors, natural shampoos, natural hair conditioners, hair serums, and hair packs. One can choose a variety of products from our hair care range.

The list of rakhi gift ideas for brothers and sisters to gift this Raksha Bandhan can be curated as per their hair care routine and requirements. Our hair care products are riched with the goodness of natural ingredients to cater to your hair concerns. They are free from any harsh chemicals and free from ammonia, chlorides, sulphates, parabens, PPDs, and peroxides. Moreover, they are vegan and not tested on animals.

Strengthen The Bond of Love with Organic Seed Rakhi

Going gaga over the perception of organic and green living, we have opted for giving away organic seed rakhi this Raksha Bandhan with every order. The concept behind this is to strengthen the bond of love along with nurturing the mother earth with reduced waste and planting happy saplings.


Celebrate this festival of Raksha Bandhan with an act of kindness and mindfulness. Rejoicing the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters with organic rakhi or seed rakhi. This organic seed rakhi is a token of love tied to the wrists of your siblings along with the promise of care for mother nature. Seed rakhis are made with natural and organic hand-made cotton and are naturally dyed.

These are hand-made, i.e., crafted by hands with utmost dedication and love. These rakhis are a sustainable alternative to synthetic and plastic rakhis that are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. It is the concept of care and nurturement of the relationships we have with mother earth.

Empowering the local communities and artists

Organic seed rakhis are crafted with the vision of strengthening the three key pillars, viz., People, Planet, and Profits. This concept is envisioned to uplift the deprived artistic communities by providing them with employment and freedom to create creatively.

Moreover, providing a sustainable approach for the planet to reduce plastic waste and sow the seeds of green living. Various self-help groups, craftsmen, local artisans, rural women, etc. are connected to this initiative for a good cause along with earning a share to make independent stands for themselves.

The art of crafting eco-friendly rakhi and the urge for self-sustainability are encouraged and celebrated respectively. Providing them with work opportunities, they are encouraged to showcase their art and talent to the world.

The thread for making the seed rakhi is made with organic cotton that is sourced from the local farmers practicing organic farming. The colors used for designing these rakhis are natural dyes and do not contain any synthetic material.

Unlike synthetic and plastic rakhis, these organic rakhis are sustainable and recyclable, i.e., they can be planted in a pot to later become a happy sapling. Defining the concept of green living at its best, these organic seed rakhis serve the purpose as well as catering to the positive impact on nature.

The celebration does not come at the cost of causing any harm to the planet and people. #Sowseedrakhi campaign is popular all over the nation and embeds a thought of green and sustainable living among people.

We, at Indalo, have conceptualized this perception and thus, opted for organic seed rakhi to give away with every order placed by you at Indalo. In the light of the green campaigning, we as a business have always tried to contribute to the planet earth and this time, we are enchanting the festive vibes with a little initiative of bringing positive and eco-friendly change to society and nature.

“Not just a pledge for protecting your siblings, but also mother nature”.

Come, hurry up! Grab the exciting and best rakhi offer on Indalo’s natural hair care products, the best rakhi gift for your brothers and sisters.


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