Best Pre & Post Holi Hair Care Tips

Best Holi Hair Care Tips

March is arriving and so are your favourite colours of festival – HOLI! But wait a minute, you may be ready to dive into the happiness colours and enjoy the festival to the core. Have you wondered if your beautiful hair is ready to bear the harm that is caused due to harsh chemicals present in the colours. Well, don’t worry we are here to guide you on how to take apt care of your hair pre & post-Holi so that you don’t regret it later. Find out some best Holi hair care tips.

How Holi Colors Can Damage Your Precious Locks? 

Holi colors are loaded with harsh chemicals that cause extreme damage to your hair. The toxins in the Holi colour result in making your hair dry, rough and brittle. Also, excessive damage may cause split ends and the only way to get rid of them is by chopping them. We recommend you use a hair repair kit regularly to ease out the damage. 

 Pre-Holi Hair Care Tips

  1. Deeply Moisturize Your Hair & Scalp

Since childhood, we have heard from our grandma’s that oiling hair and scalp before playing Holi is a must! Have you wondered why? Because oil creates a protective layer to the hair fibres that prevents hair shafts from getting damaged. You must gently massage your hair from roots to tip by using a generous amount of Indalo 11 in One Herbal Hair Oil that deeply nourishes your hair and protects them from severe damage that will be caused by Holi colours.

  1. Tie Your Hair Up

If you seriously want to protect your hair from getting damaged, then don’t forget to tie them up in braids and pin it into a bun. Avoid opening your hair because it may cause more exposure to chemicals. 

  1. Skip Shampoo a Day Prior 

You all know that shampoo strips away the natural oils and moisture from your hair even though you use the most naturally formulated ones that are free from harsh chemicals. So, we suggest you do not wash your hair a day before the festival so that your hair doesn’t dry out.

  1. Cover Your Scalp

We recommend you cover your scalp completely with a scarf or bandana so that your roots can be prevented from the severe damage which may be caused by the harmful colours of Holi. Also, by covering your hair and scalp, you will protect them from getting dry. 

Post-Holi Hair Care Tips 

  1. Use Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Now that your hair is fully loaded with harsh colours and chemicals, it's time to give your hair adequate care and nourishment. Before washing your hair with shampoo, rinse them properly with plain water to remove all the colour. Afterwards, we recommend you use Indalo Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which is infused with the goodness of quinoa, keratin protein, and argan oil.

Indalo Quinoa Protein Colour Protect Shampoo gently cleanses your hair without stripping away the natural oils. It removes all the dirt, grime and impurities from your hair while hydrating them. Indalo Quinoa Protein Colour Protect Conditioner moisturizes your hair deeply while making them soft and healthy. Also, it helps to reduce dryness and roughness.

  1. Don’t Skip Hair Mask

Your hair has already gone through a lot due to Holi colours as a result it has become brittle and dry. Revive your dry hair by providing them complete nourishment by using Indalo Hair Mask which has rich ingredients which moisturize the hair, making them healthy, soft, and shiny again. 

Just follow these pre and post-Holi hair care tips and enjoy the festival to the core without fearing the damage. Indalo hair repair kit is there to take care of your precious locks!


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Noted! I will follow these tips on this Holi.

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