Cover Your Gray Hair with Indalo Natural Hair Colors

Cover Your Gray Hair with Indalo Natural Hair Colors

When it comes to choosing natural hair colour for colouring your hair, INDALO Natural hair colours are probably the best and safest hair dye colour you can use. It even has some health benefits for your hair!

Indalo brings an old traditional formula to dye hair that is ammonia-free, non-damaging, and perfect to cover your all-grey hair. It prevents premature hair greying, conditions and nourishes giving stronger, thicker hair and promotes hair growth. 

It also helps to add a glamour look to the hair, by colouring strands a different colour from the normal hair colour. Indalo Henna is a semi-permanent method of colouring hair. It is easier to use and remove and the effect lasts till the next shampoo. The main advantage of using Indalo colour is that they assure safety from damage to hair structure and texture. 

Indalo introduced many Natural Hair Colours range for streaking the hair, adding glamour, or disguising grey hair. They are available in many shades, Natural Soft Black, Natural Dark Brown, Natural Rose Brown, Natural Henna, and Natural Indigo. We follow all government guidelines when formulating our hair colouring products. We use herbal Ingredients which are 100% safe and do not cause any negative side effects or irritation to your hair and scalp.

Some other brands add chemicals to their henna to bring colour to hair quickly it can damage your hair and cause irritation or several allergies. It is also the main reason for premature hair greying. Luckily, that’s not the case with Indalo Natural Hair Colours, because these are made with 100% pure plant dye and contain no chemicals, metallic salts, or PPD and prevent premature hair greying.

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