The Goodness of Indalo Natural Hair Treatment Pack for Hair Care

Natural Hair Treatment Pack for Hair Care

When it comes to taking care of your damaged hair, everyone is using their own hair mask of choice that is creating shine or simply adding moisture. But sometimes they make it worse or there is no result from using them.

Say thank you to INDALO, we bring you a completely natural formula to repair your chemical treated damaged hair. We know that there is nothing more attractive than having beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair. As the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait, in the same way you need to be patient along with giving your hair lots of care and love. 

Therefore, it is best to choose natural ingredients for one's hair care and not chemical treatments which can have negative effects. Our traditional henna colours routine consists of easily available ingredients which work wonders for the hair.

This Indalo Natural Hair Treatment Pack contains five organic herb extracts Hibiscus, Shikakai, Rose Powder, Cassia Powder, and Bhringraj Powder.

Let's see how these organic ingredients we use in this pack affect your hair.

Hibiscus Powder

Hibiscus promotes the growth of thick and strong hair. Not only this, the hibiscus powder made from sun-dried hibiscus flowers can control dandruff, prevent split ends, and reduce hair fall to a great extent.

Shikakai Powder

Shikakai or Acacia concinna is a rich source of vitamins that help in nourishing the hair and keeping them healthy. It acts as an excellent natural hair cleanser shampoo. Using shikakai to wash your hair helps to remove all the dirt and other impurities without stripping the natural oils from your hair and scalp and does not leave them dry and frizzy after washing.

Rose Powder

Rose petal powder's natural anti-inflammatory properties can help to get rid of dandruff and its stimulating properties improve circulation to the scalp and promote hair growth. It cleanses the scalp by getting rid of excess sebum and dead skin cells. It also keeps hair and scalp hydrated.

Cassia Obovata

Cassia obovata (neutral henna) Common name senna is a plant with a golden-yellow dye molecule used as a hair conditioner, which has an effect similar to henna, but no colouring effect like henna. It makes hair shiny and nourishes hair and scalp. Also it makes hair naturally shiny, thick and healthy.

Bhringraj Powder

Bhringraj boost blood circulation. When the nutrients present in Bhringraj reach the hair roots, it strengthens the hair follicles and averts baldness. Bhringraj powder also helps in facilitating hair growth.


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