How To Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy?

How To Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy?
When you have finally gotten your hair hued or hair tresses dyed in the shade of your choice, the next and most important thing to keep in mind is how to keep healthy hair after coloring. Whether you have dyed them at home with natural henna powder or get them dyed by professional salon artists in the shades like dark brown hair color or soft black hair dye, colored hair looks undoubtedly beautiful when you have picked the right shade and styled it accordingly.

You would have received certain instructions about using some products and other guidelines to make the color last longer in your hair tresses. Still, you have the ifs and buts on what to do, this article will highlight the tips to keep healthy hair after coloring.

Tips To Keep Healthy Hair After Coloring

Following the below tips will aid in keeping your hued hair shiny, healthy, and beautiful:

1.    Avoid Frequent Hair Washes

Frequent hair wash or intense shampoo routines can fade your hair dye, i.e., the more you shampoo, the faster the dye fades away. It would be best if you wash your hair less frequently or not more than twice a week. Moreover, you can invest in a shampoo specially formulated for colored hair like Indalo’s Quinoa Protein Color Protect Hair Shampoo. Avoid washing freshly colored hair for 2-3 days.

2.    Condition your hair well

Conditioning or nourishing hair deeply with natural oils and good conditioners. This will add softness, shine, and bounce to your hair. Hydration and moisture is the key to healthy hair, a good hair conditioner creates a protective layer and aids in preventing the quick fading of hair color. Using Indalo’s Quinoa Protein Color Protect Hair conditioner will help in providing the best nourishment to your colored hair.

3.    Heat Protection is Essential

Do not forget the mandatory heat protection if you use heat styling tools more often as they can damage your hair whether dyed or not. For keeping your hair color longer, use heat-protectant sprays or hair serum, so that your hair color remains protected. For example, Indalo’s quinoa protein hair serum is crafted to cater to healthy hair needs.

4.    Hair Masks to Rescue

The natural hair mask is a crucial product to include in every hair care regime as they provide a boost of nourishment to dry, dull, and chemically treated hair. 10 minutes of applying hair masks twice a week can do wonders to the color-treated hair. it provides immense benefits to hair and scalp without stripping away natural oils.

5.    Avoid Direct Sunlight

Staying under the sun can make the hair color fade away more quickly. Thus, make sure to either cover your colored hair with scarves or apply UV light protectant sprays to avoid any damage from Sun.

Quick Tip: Use natural hair dyes as they are the best alternatives to chemical hair dyes. Moreover, they have several medicinal benefits like promoting hair growth and treating dandruff and other hair woes without any harmful side effects.

Natural henna powder and indigo powder are natural hair dyes that can be used easily to dye hair at home. You can even opt for Indalo’s herbal dark brown hair color, soft black hair dye, or a variety of shade ranges to choose from for healthy colored hair.

Thus, to keep healthy hair after coloring, follow these tips and ensure to include the best hair products for color-treated hair in your hair care regime.


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