Winter Hair Care Tips to Wash the Worries This Cold Season

Winter Hair Care Tips

Stubborn dandruff, dryness, split ends, and damaged hair strands are common issues to face during winter. The natural hair oils strip away due to lack of moisture in the air and the use of harsh cleansers and as a result, you get a dry and flaky scalp. Thus, a proper winter hair care regime is a must during the winter. Scroll down to read this article for winter hair care tips to prevent your hair locks from becoming frail and prone to damage.

Essential Winter Hair Care

  • Natural Hair Oils Massage

An ideal and holy routine for hair care in the cold is to give your scalp a hot oil massage with natural hair oils like argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. These oils work amazingly for winter and stimulate blood circulation while moisturizing the scalp and hair follicles. During cold, the scalp gets dry and flaky resulting in dandruff and irritation. Natural hair oils penetrate deeper and give an intense moisturization to the shaft and scalp. Hot oil massage also promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall.

  • Keep a Distance from Styling Tools

It is the time when you should distance your hair from the application of the heat styling tools as during the winter, your hair is more prone to damage and brittle that application of the heat tools may worsen their health leading to hair breakage. Make sure to use them as minimally as possible and choose to either air dry or towel dry your hair.

  • Pick the Perfect Shampoo for Dry Hair

Your hair needs an extra dose of care and proper winter hair care during the cold. Grab an ideal shampoo for dry hair that is specially crafted for dry and damaged hair. You can give a shot to Indalo’s Banana Hibiscus Shampoo Conditioners combo to solve the winter hair care problems like dryness, frizziness, split ends, itchy scalp, etc.

  • Do Not Skip on Conditioners

The use of a conditioner is highly recommended during the winter as the hair strands lack moisture and hydration. Pick a conditioner that is thick and creamy and rich in natural ingredients to deeply moisturize your hair. Indalo’s Banana Hibiscus Conditioner is a unique concoction specially designed for dry hair and contains natural ingredients like banana, hibiscus, etc. to provide nourishment, shine, and softness to dry hair strands.

  • Hair Mask a Week

Hair masks are super products to apply on your hair and scalp for beautiful and strong tresses. Ensure to give a conditioning hair mask treatment once in a week to improve your scalp and hair health. It will not only improve the texture of your hair but also keep several hair woes at bay. You can easily make one at home using banana, curd, honey, and coconut oil.

  • Protect Hair from Cold Air

Cold air tends to weaken the hair roots which leads to hair breakage. Thus, make sure to step out with a scarf or hat to protect your hair against the cold and dry wind. To prevent friction, you can line up a satin or silk cloth beneath your hat or woolen cap.

  • Skip hot showers

Though hot showers can be relaxing during winter, they are harsh on your scalp and hair. They strip away the natural oils from the scalp and cause dryness.

Apart from these tips, your diet also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your hair. Make sure to include protein, omega-3 fatty acids, green vegetables, fruits, and vitamins in your diet. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


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