Why Use Sulphate & Silicone-Free Products for Hair?

Why Use Sulphate & Silicone-Free Products for Hair?

The hair care industry is growing rapidly and so are the choices of people who are selecting chemical-based hair care products and preferring gentle alternatives to natural shampoo and conditioner.


All the drugstore hair care products are actively adding harsh chemicals like sulphate, silicone, and phthalate in their hair care products which are unknowingly deteriorating the health of your hair, making them dull, dry, and frizzy. If you wish to maintain your hair health in the longer run then you must surely ditch chemical-based hair care products for natural hair care range.  

Let’s get started to know about what are silicone & sulphate and how they damage your hair, making them unhealthy. Also, we will be sharing the best alternative to use for silicone & sulphate-free hair care products.


Why Silicone is Not Good for Hair?

Silicone is the most dangerous chemical for your hair. Did you know, why? Silicone is a colorless oil that contains a rubber-like substance that creates a layer on your strands.

Silicone build-up not only makes your hair dull & dry but weak and prone to breakage. Even if you wash the silicone-based shampoo, conditioner, or serum from your hair, they are hard to remove with regular wash because silicones aren’t water soluble.

So, now you got to know how hazardous silicones are for your hair and you must switch to natural shampoo and conditioner ASAP!     


Why Sulphate is Not Good for Hair?

Sulphate is a compound of sulphuric acid and a chemical element that works actively to damage your hair. Every hair care expert recommends to you use sulphate-free hair care products but why? Let’s get a deep insight into how sulphate damages your hair. Sulphate is an induced hair care product that strips away moisture and natural oils from your hair, making them dry, unhealthy, and frizzy.  


Alternatives to Silicone & Sulphate-Free Hair Care Products

Hair is every girl’s crown and you must maintain them well because once the hair starts getting damaged and unhealthy then there is no looking back. With time, hair gets more deteriorated. You must select the best hair care products that are fortified with natural ingredients, plant herbs, and extracts that help to improve overall hair health.

Once you start doing chemical treatments like keratin or smoothening your hair or dyeing them, then it becomes necessary for you to choose silicone and sulphate-free hair products.


For chemically treated and colored hair you must use color protect sulphate-free shampoo. You can try your hands with Indalo Quinoa Protein Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner with Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Treatment. Also, you can add Keratin Protein & Argan Oil Quinoa Serum & Hair Mask to your hair care regime.

This Hair Repair Kit has a blend of natural ingredients that provides endless benefits to your hair. It is completely free from silicone and sulphate.


Benefits of Silicone & Sulphate-Free Hair Care Products

After changing your approach to your hair care routine by adding the best hair care products, you will surely see a visible difference in your hair health. Using silicone & sulphate-free hair care products will be the best decision you will ever choose to save your precious tresses. Some of the main benefits of using silicone and sulphate-free hair care products are as follows:

  • Healthy & Hydrated Hair
  • Healthy Scalp
  • Frizz-Free Hair
  • Retains Moisture in Hair
  • Doesn’t Makes Hair Dull & Dry
  • Environmental Friendly


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