Why Your Hair Gets Greasy & Oily After Washing?

Why Your Hair Gets Greasy & Oily After Washing?
Dirty Hair. Hair Wash. Oily Hair. – A vicious circle that is a curse for those whose hair gets greasy even after washing. It is a frustrating feeling when freshly washed hair doesn’t feel fresh and bouncy instead it appears like oil is stuck in them. To get rid of oily hair and scalp, you must look out for the reasons that may cause the build-up of residue and oil in the strands. 

One of the major reasons why hair gets oily and greasy after washing is due to excess production of oil which may be either due to hormonal imbalance or multiple external factors. Also, your hair washing habits define the health of your hair.

Side Effects of Oily & Greasy Hair

For some oily hair and scalp may be a common hair condition but for many, it might be the root cause of various problems. Excess production of oil results in causing itchy & irritated scalp. Also, it causes the build-up of dandruff that becomes difficult to get rid of. 

Root cause of Hair Getting Oily After Washing

Let’s get a deep insight into all the factors that might be contributing to the build-up of greasiness and oil to your hair and scalp. 

Hormonal Imbalance

Greasiness and residue accumulation is often a result of excess production of oil that is due to a hormonal imbalance called Seborrhoea. Excess production of oil also depends on the way you take care of your hair. Not washing your hair at regular intervals may lead to oil and sweat build-up. Another reason may be the texture of your hair. It is often said that straight or fine hair is more prone to get oily and greasy in comparison to curly or thick hair. 

Environmental Factors 

If you are more prone to stay outdoors for a longer duration, then it is serious damage causing issue for your hair. These days, air quality has reached another level. It is not just affecting our body but hair health as well. Air pollution is another core reason for making the hair oily and greasy frequently.     

Personal Hygiene

Maintaining the right hair health and taking proper care of your hair is mandatory. Otherwise, be prepared for landing your strands in the pool of oil. First of all, you must choose the correct shampoo that particularly suits your hair type and helps to control excess oil production. Secondly, use a lightweight hair conditioner that doesn’t create a heavy coating on your strands. Also, make sure that you do not apply an excess quantity of the conditioner to your hair and avoid applying it to the roots. Make sure to use clean hair towels, hair brushes, or combs. 

Dietary Issues

Diet is another factor that plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your hair. If you are fond of eating dairy products and high glycaemic food, then be prepared to welcome oily and greasy hair. For healthy hair, you must indulge yourself in eating a balanced diet. 

Various Tips for Oily Hair to Avoid Greasiness

You must begin by properly taking care of hair hygiene and changing your hair care habits. Another tip for oily hair to avoid greasiness is that you must start using natural hair care products that help to control excess production of oil. We recommend you to use the combo of Indalo White Tea Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner which are exclusively formulated for oily hair and scalp.  

POV: You must start washing your hair on alternative days to improve your hair health.


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