Buy Indalo Henna for Healthier and Younger Looking Hair

Henna for Healthier and Younger Looking Hair

Our hair is formed of keratin proteins which keep it strong. But these proteins can be damaged by chemicals products, UV rays, heating equipment, oxidative stress, weather, and pollution. 

Henna is an essential ingredient of almost every natural hair care enthusiast for the hair coloring needs. But did you know that henna can do a lot more than just color your hair? This versatile organic henna powder can be used to maintain the overall health of the hair. Conditioning, repairing damage, and balancing pH levels are just a few of the many benefits provided by henna.


There are some health benefits of using Henna to your hair.


  • It helps to soothe an enlarged and itchy scalp while treating issues like dandruff, irritation on scalp and some other fungal infections.
  • Henna is one of the best solutions used for oily hair. It helps to calm overactive sebaceous glands, thereby controlling oil production.
  • It also helps restore the pH of the scalp to its natural acid-alkaline level. This helps strengthen the hair follicles.
  • Henna benefits the scalp by improving follicle health. This, in turn, curbs hair falls and boosts the rate at which hair grows.
  • Henna has brilliant antioxidant properties that help to curb oxidative stress.


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