Hair Colouring Embraced by Nature

Hair Colouring Embraced by Nature

We think of hair colours and often get caught up in the conversation about the chemicals they might bring. Letting the YOLO vibe in, we tend to let go of our apprehensions and get that hair colour we always wanted nonetheless! However, for how long can we escape reality? Which, in this case, are detrimental impacts of those chemicals.

But who said accepting reality translates to giving up on what we want? Here comes the exciting part! We bring you an array of high-quality Professional Natural Hair Colors enriched with herbal extracts. They have no preservatives, no ammonia and no PPD added to them. Manufactured under the guidance of Japanese professionals, our products at Indalo derive their cherished dependency, love, and applause from the natural premium ingredients they get made from.

From Hibiscus powder, Amla powder to Shikakai powder, all the Ayurveda-inspired ingredients in our products bask in nature's beloved arms. Therefore, they are well-suited for every hair type. Your search for the best natural hair dye or colour in India meets its fulfilment at Indalo.

We have always believed in the infinite mystery that nature is. Once attuned to innovations, it never fails to come bearing the most beneficent gifts for us all - the spectrum of our Natural, Herbal, Henna and Indigo healthy hair products reckon.

Our legacy humbly traces back its origins in 1966 to the foundation of Kirpal Export overseas. We were the first manufacturer to introduce natural hair colours to diversified Indian markets.

Today, as we operate across 70 countries, we are filled with an abundance of gratitude and the determination to continue to deliver qualitative excellence. Quality and consistency have and always will be the soul of our range. That is why we pledged to manufacture our products on our own, holding intact the very essence of quality we started with.

While growing up may come with many broken myths, it also equips us to choose who we want to become. In the pursuit, a few external adventures come to the rescue - like that of getting adventurous hair colour. The colour adds an implicit yet explicit character to our personality. It is as exciting as it is expressive. In addition to which, getting a hair colour is one of the most indulgent ways to break free of the monotony. We have all been there, have we not? It is time we coloured our hair up trendily and importantly, naturally!

Striking and Sassy tones of Red

Our top and best-selling Natural Hair Colour offers a trendy array of hair colours from Black, Light Brown, Brown, Chestnut, Dark Brown to Wine Red while thriving on herbal wonders of Shikakai, Baheda, Amla, Brahmi and Henna.

Classic and Contemporary hues of Brown

The Natural Hair Colour from our array of long-lasting, semi-permanent and best quality hair products offers a classic range from Soft Black, Dark Brown to Rose Brown. It consists of the nature’s delights of Shikakai, Baheda, Amla, Brahmi and Hibiscus powders.

Grey Hair Coverage, the Henna way!

We, at Indalo, also have a Henna hair color for you. Henna, a renowned method to give full coverage to grey hair, harbours Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Choose your pick from our chemical-free, PPD-free, and Ammonia-free, damage-free, and non-allergic hair coloring products. We, at Indalo, also feature hair treatment packs. Each of our products speaks for itself. You’ll use them once and you’ll use them forever. All our natural hair colors are available for you to shop online. Shop now and experience the gorgeously nourishing hair colors!

Mindfully and heartedly put together for the people who root for their hair colour products to carry as little damage as possible.


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