Unique and Natural Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Unique and Natural Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Maa, Mom, Amma, Mumma, Aayi, Madre: all these are different title names, yet they all mean the same- our precious Mother, the human being that gave you life, and for that, you are eternally grateful. Mothers are celebrated every day, just a specific day is not enough for them to praise and value the pedestal they are standing on.

Always in awe of how they are constantly juggling a million things and doing them just correctly, keeping in mind how you like your sandwich or which pizza topping you would prefer. She just loves you unconditionally. This year Mother’s Day is on May 8th, 2022 and we have got you covered with the finest, unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with Indalo’s natural hair care range to make her feel pampered.

Get ready to shower your mother with Indalo’s herbal based Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Quality time is one of the best things to do with your loved ones and engaging in activities with your mother while simultaneously pampering her is the way to go this Mother’s day. She has taught you every little thing you know, now it is time to return the favor and love through Indalo’s natural hair care range for a nature-based and ayurvedic hair treatment as thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Indalo is known for its Natural Hair Care range with no preservatives, no ammonia and no PPD added to them and is fabricated under the guidance of Japanese professionals. The Ayurveda-induced components in our products are coming to you from nature's prized arms and it is well-suited for every hair variety.

The enthusiastic search for the best natural hair care range in India ends here with the natural hair care range. The organic and herbal components of Indalo’s are the best in this game. Indalo does not just state its natural properties but is 100% pure nature-based, offering a variety of high-quality Natural Hair Colours enriched with herbal extracts.

This way gift ideas for mom become a little more precious because if they are thinking of colouring their hair and covering up their greys without damaging hair, then you are on the correct path, keep reading on!

Pick the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Indalo

Here is a list of Indalo’s natural hair care products for fabulous gift ideas for mom: 

Indalo Natural Hair Colour

As a brand of natural-based products, there is no content of hazardous chemicals present in this. This natural hair colour range is completely natural and perfect for those who are looking for a natural hair colours for grey hairs without toxic chemicals. It is made with all-natural ingredients so full payout of the colour is only from reapplying at least thrice because the black virgin hair takes time to pick up colour.

Indalo Ammonia-Free Hair Colour

Ammonia-Free Hair colours in this range have a very low percentage of chemical content in them but the result is just flawless. The payout on grey hair is much much better than black virgin hair because it is a natural-based product sans the use of bleach which is extremely harmful and toxic for you and the environment. As Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, it becomes a 10/10 for her, even gift one pack to your dad too, why should he be left behind with the ugly greys?

Indalo Natural Hair Care Shampoo

After colouring your hair, there is definitely a need for shampooing. It’s not a suitable option when you skip shampooing your hair after colouring because the scalp retains the colour, especially if it's chemically treated ones, then they irritate and you end up having a blunder. Gift ideas for mom are meant to be exciting and not time wastage. There is White Tea Aloe vera Shampoo and Banana Hibiscus Shampoo for oily and dry scalp respectively.

Indalo Natural Hair Care Conditioner

Well, conditioner is a must to nourish these locks of hair after being exposed to dirt, pollution, oil, and UV rays. Banana Hibiscus Conditioner helps with Bananas containing minerals that can help your hair grow thicker and stronger, as well as assist your body to synthesize collagen. White Tea Aloe vera Conditioner helps with Aloe Vera further enhancing the growth by adding shine, resulting in luscious and volumized hair locks.

Indalo Natural Hair Care Treatment Mask

The all-natural hair treatment pack is made from organic herbs and extracts like Hibiscus, Shikakai, Cassia, Bhringraj, and Gulab. It contains No Artificial Fragrance & Colour. It rejuvenates hair strands, reduces hair fall, and cleanses the scalp. It is a very easy peasy method to apply the paste from roots to ends. Rinse the hair after 60 minutes. This would lead the soft and shiny hair.

Indalo for Mother's Day

We have listed great herbal and authentic gift ideas for mom on this special occasion, what else does a mother need for a long day of working either at home or office, Pampering! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for, head over to our website and avail these luscious gift ideas and make your mother’s day extra natural and special! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there from Indalo (:


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